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Honorary President

Speech Of H.H.Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahayan
Honorary President Of U.A.E. Wrestling, Judo & Kick Boxing Federation.

Despite of the short time since the actual and official beginning of the sport of Wrestling Judo & Kick Boxing in UAE, but it was able to attract a large category of UAE people who entered the arena of the latest modern local sport in order to reach the global level from its largest gates. From the first beginning of the long march we set up programs based on scientific and accurate standards, and in view of that we headed forward to achieve our plans. Really the first steps were interesting, and what was achieved opened optimistic horizons for a prosperity future for this sport. Like other beginnings, our start was seriously difficult, but the challenge was greater. Through the perfect planning our start came out from the correct platforms on which we built our targets and plans and from that we recognized our position and the direction towards which the sport of Wrestling, Judo & Kick Boxing shall go. Only three years. Those threes years are nothing in the age of championships and achievements. Although UAE step is considered as a new in this area compared to the countries interested in such sports, but the achievement of our sons gave us a thrust of trust that we are going in the right way which will never stop or end by winning a championship or medals in one of the greatest world championship. For us we consider this championship as a way to an endless way that has a beginning but no end, but raising the UAE flag or honoring it is our target from which we started off and will never think to retreat.

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